About the Cooks

We are two moms that work full time jobs and live in Virginia. We have a shared passion for cooking (when we can make time) and making simple, quick and delicious meals for our families.

We decided to create Suburban Epicurean in 2010, to share our love of food, and try to make other people’s lives easier, by sharing our time (and taste) tested recipes with anyone out there in need of a little help or inspiration. We are inspired by some of our favorite cooks like our Grandmas, our Moms, Paula Deen, The Deen Brothers (Jamie and Bobby..see below!), Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, and the Barefoot Contessa, just to name a few.

Sometimes mealtime can become monotonous, so, as we found ourselves asking each other for new ideas and ways of doing things, we thought why not let everyone else in on the yummy things that have worked for us. 

Then along came Pinterest ........and we decided to begin TESTING out easy Pinterest recipes we found and decided it would be more fun to post our findings here when we can and this blog was born!

Our goal is to provide ideas that work for everyone, no matter how busy or picky. We hope you find www.suburbanepicurean.blogspot.com useful, helpful and yummy! 

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