Nov 24, 2015

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

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Cook's Note: I saw these adorable cookies on Southern Living's Facebook page and thought to myself "Wow, my child would LOVE to make this with me!" It looked too easy to pass up. We enjoyed making these and will serve them at Thanksgiving for a kid's dessert. You can't get any easier and cuter than this!

What You Will Need: 

1 package of Fudge Stripe Cookies
1 package of Miniature Reese's Cups (unwrapped) 
1 small package of Reese's Pieces 


Lay each Fudge Stripe Cookie face down, place a dollop of icing on top and place the Reese's Cup on top and push to spread the icing. Place a small dot of icing on a Reese Pieces and push the candy on the side of the Reese's cup.

There you have it! A simple and fun dessert that the children at your Thanksgiving feast will LOVE! 

This "Pinspirations" comes from Southern Living

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