Holiday Table

Graduation Party

A very dear family friend graduated from high school this year and her mom wanted to make it fun and pretty, so that is what we did. On a budget, we used fabric for table runners, candy from the dollar store, made a pencil vase with hot glue and a photo collage on an easel. Also making cake pops in the colors of the high school and the college she is off to (JMU in this case) makes it a lot more fun! By using the school's colors and some cute homemade crafts, the party was a huge success and sent her off to college with a bang!

Sock Monkey Party

Autumn Dinner Party

I love to decorate, whether it be my house, myself or a table. And since I enjoy cooking so much, I take great pride and pleasure in decorating my table. I never understood why people spend hours making a delicious meal and then serve the meal on ugly mismatched plates and placemats. It tastes so much better when you are eating at a gorgeous table decorated with your enjoyment in mind. With that, we will be posting tablescapes here on occasion, whether it be for a holiday or just because. Enjoy!

Bumble Bee Birthday

For my daughter's 7th Birthday she wanted a Bumble Bee theme, which I loved, so we got the Bee plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth on Etsy, and the pom pom balls at the local party store. I did cupcakes that looked like flowers and cupcake cups that looked like petals (which I thought turned out really cute.) She loved it and the girls had a great time.

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