Dec 11, 2015

The Adventures of our ELF ON THE SHELF

If you've come to this blog post, I will guess you are a parent that has an Elf on the Shelf. Congratulations, Mom & Dad - you have to remember to move your elf every single night for the next 24 nights (if you start on December 1st, that is!) It can be a hassle - right? But - its mostly fun for you and your children. Make the MOST OF IT!

Like you, we scour Pinterest for ideas for our Elf and come up with some of our own on the fly. 

My Elf is not overly mischievous. Our Elf is more cute and kind - we keep it simple. Our Elf also brings small gifts whenever my child has been really good the day before. It give my little one something to look forward to. 


  • Your child won't be this little for long, so enjoy the Elf as much as they do! The magic of Christmas lives strong in your child's heart. 
  • It's only for one month a year (actually less than a month) that you have to move the Elf around. One day your child won't believe anymore and you will actually MISS this. 
  • Make it fun for you and your child ... there are so many ideas out there that are simple and enjoyable. 
  • We advise to stay away from the "naughty" Elf activities that you may see on Pinterest. There are some REALLY bad ones on Pinterest that are FUNNY, but also DISTURBING! 

Here are some of our ELF Adventures..... we will add more as the season continues...

The First night that our Elf came - she brought an ADVENT calendar !

Our Elf got into the Reese's Pieces!

Our Elf likes to ride the Rocking Horse at night!

 Our Elf leaves little gifts - like these window clings for my little one to decorate! 

We hope that we've given you some ideas......More Elf adventures to come!!! 

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