Dec 10, 2014

Toilet Paper Roll REINDEER Craft

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This craft is pretty easy and self explanatory, if you are crafty person. This is a great craft to do with toddlers and early elementary ages. 

The craft took about 5-10 minutes and my child ADORES it! 

What You Will Need: 
Empty Toilet Paper rolls or Paper Towel Rolls cut into 3
Brown Cleaners
Red Fuzzy Balls for the noses
Glue on Wiggly Eyes 
Black Marker
Glue (both regular school glue and/or Hot Glue Gun for adults to use only!)

Once you have your empty toilet paper rolls or cut up empty paper towel rolls ready to go - cut 2 small holes in the tops and push the pipe cleaners through and then bend them and tie them. 

Glue on the Eyes and the Nose (the eyes stay on with regular school glue, but the fuzzy balls for the nose may require a more adhesive glue). 
I used a glue gun for the nose and of course, I did that for little one - NEVER let a small child use a hot glue gun!

Let your child draw on a mouth, eyebrows or eyelashes!

Have fun with it and be creative with your child. 

Crafting with children is one of the most enjoyable things a parent can do.


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