Jan 8, 2015

CopyCat Poo-Pourri Toilet Fragrance Spray (made from Essential Oils!)

I continue to see this toilet fragrance spray in the stores called "Poo-Pourri" - which is a very clever name, I might add! You spray it in the toilet before you go #2 and voila - no odor! Great little gadget to have in your purse in emergency situations when in public I suppose!

I also continue to see numerous posts here and there on Pinterest (where else?_ on how to make your own DIY version of the store brand spray, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

The spray is made with Essential Oils, Rubbing Alcohol and Water - very easy and much more cost effective than the name brand. 

Give it a try and see what you think....We have tested it and it works like a charm! 

What You Will Need: 

1 Quality Spray Bottle (mine was aluminum from the Health Food Store - around $3)
30-40 Drops of Essential Oils of your choice (I used Lavender and Wild Orange essential oils mixed together - interesting fragrance and worked great - anything you like will work)
1 Tsp of Rubbing Alcohol 


Get your spray bottle, screw off the top and stick a funnel in the top - pour in your rubbing alcohol, essential oils drops and then top it off with tap water. Screw the top on the spray bottle and then shake the bottle vigorously to mix. 

Now, when you are ready to use - you spray the toilet bowl with 3-4 sprays just before you go #2 and no stink or odor. 


This "Pinspiration" comes from Happy Money Saver 

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