Nov 22, 2010

Aunt Lody's Crockpot Turkey

The idea behind this EASY dish is that you let the turkey cook overnight while you sleep and wake up to a wonderful meal - ready to eat the next day!

1 Large Crock Pot for cooking
1 Frozed Turkey Breast (5-7 pounds only - we tested Butterball)
2 tbsp Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning

Turn your Crock Pot on "high" temperature. Unwrap the frozen turkey and remove "gravy packet" if you can (if you can't remove it now, don't worry, once the turkey thaws slightly, you will be able to remove it and throw it away - I use gloves to do this because it grosses me out!!! ).

Wash off the turkey really well in the sink with water and paper towels and then place frozen turkey in the Crock Pot. Sprinkle generously with the seasoning.

Cover the turkey with the crock pot lid and let cook for one hour on high.
Once the hour has passed, turn the crock pot down to the "low" setting and let simmer for the next 12 hours, preferably while you sleep.

When you wake up the next morning, test the termperature of the turkey if you like with a meat thermometer until it reads in the "poultry" setting. I can pretty much guarantee you that the meat will be practically falling off the bone and moist.

Start to peel back the skin a little bit with a fork. If it looks a little pink, don't panic, the meat will begin to turn white after it cools. Turn off the Crock Pot and remove the turkey (I used 2 sets of big tongs) and place into a dish to cool. With a fork, you can begin to gently remove the skin by pulling it back. Once it cools for an hour - it is ready to cut and enjoy!

Your finished product should look like this:

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