Aug 3, 2013

Lemon Theme Party by Suburban Epicurean

Lemon Themed Party by Suburban Epicurean!
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 Sticking with our Lemon theme this week, I wanted to share pictures of my Lemon Themed Party that I had, just for ideas for your own parties and because it was just so cute!!

My friend sells Thirty One products, so I did a party for her and I wanted it to have a cute theme for the party, rather than just sitting out a veggie tray and dip! Make it FUN - that is what I say!

Here is my table with Mason Jars filled with Pink Lemonade, adorable straws that I ordered from The Tom Kat Studio (seriously, check out their site - the cutest stuff ever!). You can also sometimes find these sorts of straws at Michaels or Joann Fabric, but its hit or miss. I served Pink Lemonade with a lemon wedge on the side!


You've already seen my Lemon Chicken Pasta Salad.... but I am putting the picture here again, so you can see everything I served!

I also served Strawberry Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, which were a big HIT! Let me tell... Just soooo good and I will only ever make Cucumber sandwiches this way again!

Next were the Pink Lemonade Muddy Buddies! Check out the post for the recipe - these were really cute, simple and yummy!  Kids love these too!

Now for the Lemon cant go wrong with these!!

Okay okay.... truth be told, I bought these cupcakes at my local grocery bakery because I was in a rush, I have a toddler and didn't have time to make them from scratch .... but aren't they pretty?  Just put them on a tiered platter and voila! :)

So, my advice is next time you throw a small get together, why not think out of the box and try a theme? Give this cute  lemon theme a whirl in the spring or Summer, so fun and everyone enjoyed it!

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