Sep 11, 2015

Watermelon Wine Spritzer

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Cook's Note: I was watching Valerie Bertinell's new show on the Cooking Channel and saw her make watermelon smoothies for her kids & I had the great idea to cruise Pinterest and see how I could make a watermelon drink for adults! I stumbled upon a few different recipes and I decided to combine a few together and make them my own (as I always do!) I love playing around with recipes and this one is a keeper.
If you love watermelon, you will LOVE this drink on a hot day (or any day that you need an adult beverage!)

What You Will Need:

A good BLENDER (like a Ninja or a Bullet)
6 Cups of Seedless Watermelon Chunks
1 Can of Frozen Limeade (slightly thawed to thawed)
1 cup of Ice
Mint Springs (use as many as you like to throw in! I threw in about 10 or 12)
Sparkling Water
White Wine of your Choice (I used Chardonnay. This drink is already sweet, so a sweet wine will make it too sweet, I think!)


In your blender, throw in Watermelon chunks, Limeade, Ice and Mint Springs and blend away until the consistency of a smoothie.  
Now, get out your glasses that you want to serve this in! Fill each glass half way with a little sparkling water and a little white wine and top the rest off with the Watermelon mixture.
Garnish with Mint Springs or Watermelon Chunks or Slices on the side.
** YOU AN ALWAYS OMIT THE WINE and just make this a sparkling drink, using only the sparkling water. ***
Serves 4-6

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