Apr 3, 2013

Busy Mom's Southern Style Banana Pudding

Cooks Note: I LOVE Banana Pudding. It makes me think of old Southern ladies sittin' for a spell on the porch having a little sweet stuff after a dinner of Fried Chicken and Collard Greens. It makes me think of Summer and Sundresses and backyard BB Q's. I am not originally from the South myself, but I got here as fast as I could. So to make up for lost time I am cookin' up some stuff that will make everyone smile. No credit to give here, well, maybe to all the ladies of the South who have fed their families so well for all these years. Here's to you!

*This is the quick "working moms version" of Banana Pudding

What You Will Need:

16  NILLA Wafers, divided
small  banana, cut into slices, divided

2  . 09 oz. boxes JELL-O Banana or Banana Cream Pudding  and 3 1/2 Cups Skim Milk per directions
CRUSH 12 wafers to form coarse crumbs; place a small handful of the crumbs in each of 4 parfait glasses. Top each with 2 heaping Tablespoon Pudding, 3 slices of banana, then 1 squirt Redi-Whip.  Repeat layers of crumbs, pudding, banana and whip. On top of final layer of whip, place one whole wafer on top for garnish.



andrea said...

sounds perfect!!

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Suburban Epicurean said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting us! I actually have seen your site before and I think it is great (I remember from the adorable name!), I am going to follow you for sure. Thanks again!!