Mar 31, 2014

DIY Diaper Cream

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My toddler has suffered off and on for over a year with a recurrent yeast infection diaper rash. These rashes are pesky and just won't go away. We've tried everything from oatmeal baths to baking soda baths, prescription creams, special order creams, diet changes, you name it! I decided to look into the organic/homemade route and I went to none other than... Pinterest! 

So, as mentioned - I ran across this recipe on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try because it looked legit and I have heard nothing but good things about all of these ingredients (coconut oil, essential oils and beeswax). 

Truth be told here , I have never been what some may refer to as a "granola" type. I have always been far from it, but my interest has started to peek over the past year into the whole organic, natural way of life. I want to try to go chemical free and natural when I can (I think we can all agree that there are too many chemicals in all of our products today)... so this recipe is my guinea pig here. 

I have never used essential oils (I have recently been introduced to doTERRA oils, which are supposedly the best therapeutic grade essential oils that you can get. You have to order doTERRA from a direct dealer - FYI: not available in stores) 

UPDATE: Believe it or not - this cream CLEARED up my daughter's yeast infection diaper rash in about 2 days and has kept it away. Whenever it started to come back, I would apply some of this and the rash would be gone! I was shocked. I even told my pediatrician about it and she asked for the recipe to pass along to other patients. 


1 Cup Pure, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
1/2 oz Beeswax
10 drops of Lavendar Essential Oil
10 drops of Melaleuca (or Tea Tree) Essential Oil
1 Clean Glass Canister or Mason Jar to put the Diaper Cream in

Directions (ramblings): 

If you've never used Coconut Oil before (get the kind you cook with, not the fractionated oil) - the consistency is like that of butter or shortening. Oh and BONUS: You can get a HUGE can of this at Costco for the same price as a little one at a heatlh food store (Suburban Epicurean saving you money! $$$) 

You will scoop out 1 cup and place in a boiling pot of water that has a glass bowl in it (this serves as a double boiler). Once the water is boiling, place on medium/low heat. 

Next place your beeswax in. The beeswax takes a significant amount of time to melt - this melting process took about 20 minutes. Stir off and on the entire time. 

Sidenote: I bought my beeswax at a local Natural Mercantile store. I recommend looking for beeswax at your local health food store or a local farmers market. 

See how the beeswax looks like chunks of butter?

Once this mixture is completely melted, remove from heat and place the glass bowl (use your oven mits!) on a trivet on the counter and let it cool until almost hardened (this took about another 20 minutes). 

While the mixture is slightly soft and still warm, you will want to mix in your essential oils before it hardens. I used a rubber spatula to mix. 

Once mixed well, transfer immediately into your storage container and there you have it. (Again, I used a rubber spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl and put the cream into the container).

This also serves as a wonderful hand lotion or even lip balm! 

I realize that the above pic looks a little like mashed potatoes, but trust me, its a cream. I used it on my hands and my hands are now very silky and smooth! The cream will "harden up" in the container, so anytime I wanted to apply to my little one's bottom, I just pointed my hair dryer at the cream for a few seconds on hot and it made the cream soft enough to apply as a balm.

** CLEAN UP TIP - I will be completely honest - this is VERY MESSY if you don't clean it up right away. I suggest using a paper towel to wipe out the bowl and use a rubber spatula (as mentioned above) to mix the mixture. 

**** So grateful for the author of this diaper cream recipe as she is helping me and my little one. We are very happy to test out this PINTEREST project. This WONDERFUL PINSPIRATION comes from: All Things Mama

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