Oct 30, 2015

Autumn Home Tour (Part 2)

One of the reasons Amanda and I get along so well, like sisters really, is that we share common interests and our love for Fall is a big one! We love to decorate, eat (of course) and visit all of the beautiful places in Virginia during the season. So, decorating our homes is par for the course! So, I continue the Autumn Home Tour with some pics from my house during this colorful and exciting season. 


One of my favorite parts of my new house. My pretty fireplace. 

In true Suburban Epicurean form, a Fall cookbook 

My favorite pumpkin soup tureen stays on the counter September until Thanksgiving

My favorite thing in the world is pillows. I have so many pillows it is a joke at my house, and quite honestly may be an addiction! I love this pumpkin and gourd lumbar from Pottery Barn. 

I love the look of Indian Corn, it is so colorful and is really indicative of the season. It looks great in a vase, in a bowl or even a cornucopia. 

This is my dining room table. Mixing up my everyday decorations like the basket with some autumn  touches is always fun. 

Another one of my loves....PUMPKINS, I am particularly into white pumpkins lately. 

Again with the pillows, I told you. 

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