Sep 26, 2013

Suburban Epicurean Meets Jamie Deen!

As avid cooks and bakers, we were thrilled when we heard that Jamie Deen was coming to our local Wegman's for a cookbook signing! We planned our entire day around going and were so excited when we got there. We waited for about an hour (we arrived early because we didn't know what kind of crowd to expect), which gave us time to purchase and look through his new cookbook (Jamie Deen's Good Food) and read through his yummy recipes. 

The cookbook is really AMAZING and we CAN NOT WAIT to make many of his recipes. The quality of the cookbook is just wonderful (nice thick pages) and the photography is done very well, all centered around family, which is why the Deen's are just so awesome to begin with. (We love Paula and Bobby too!) 

Jamie was just as nice as you can imagine.... he seems like someone you have known for years. Very personable and really friendly, took the time to talk to each and every single person that came. I really can't say enough good things about Jamie... he's charming, funny, sweet, southern and handsome.. oh yes ... he's a terrific cook too!

We told Jamie about our cooking blog and would be thrilled if he actually stopped by and checked us out here at Suburban Epicurean (a girl can dream... right?)

Thank you Jamie for being so kind and for taking the time to talk to us and making such an awesome cookbook. We will be making your recipes VERY soon!

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