Oct 8, 2013

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

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Cook's Note: I have NEVER made Chicken Pot Pie before (GASP!), so I thought I would give it a whirl! This was actually very simple to make and my husband said it was "the bomb".... so I will take it as a good thing! My entire family enjoyed it and they think I slaved over this dish, but it really couldn't be easier! I changed the original recipe to make it my own.
Another tip (what I did):  If you want... you can cook the chicken in advance, in your crockpot (sprinkle  each side of the chicken breasts with Italian seasoning and let cook on high in your crock pot for about 4 hours) so that it shreds easily, that will speed up this recipe and the chicken will be nice and tender! Otherwise, you can just boil the chicken for about 25-30 minutes and then shred it and add into the recipe!

What You Will Need: 

1 Box Pillsbury Refrigerated  Pie Crusts (let come to room temperature before using)
2-3 Chicken Breasts (Cooked and Shredded)
1/3   cup butter or margarine  
1/3   cup chopped onion   
½ tsp salt   
¼ tsp fresh ground pepper
½ tsp Garlic Salt or 2 chopped Garlic Cloves if you have them
½ tsp Cavender's Greek Seasoning (my favorite secret ingredient in every recipe!)
1/3   cup all-purpose flour  
½ cup Skim Milk
1 Bag of Frozen Mix Vegetables


Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees.  

In a large skillet melt your butter and sauté onion. Once this is just slightly brown, add flour, salt, pepper and garlic. Stir slightly and slowly add flour and milk, stirring well. Next add in your bag of frozen mixed vegetables and stir well. Let simmer on the stove top at a medium heat for about 10 minutes or until bubbly. Add in cooked chicken and stir well, let simmer for about 3-4 more minutes.

With your room temperature pie crusts ready – spray non-stick cooking spray on a pie plate and place first pie crust down.  Pour the skillet vegetable/chicken mixture into the pie crust. Top with second pie crust and take a fork and go around the edges making fork marks to make it pretty (see photo!)

Cook in the oven for about 40 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. During the last 10 minutes of baking, you can cover the top of the pie with aluminum foil to prevent crust burning.     

Remove from oven and let cool for about 10 minutes before serving (if you can wait that long!)

 This "Pinspiration" come from Pillsbury

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