Oct 30, 2013

Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies

Cook's Note:  Of course, I saw this on Pinterest and had to try making this myself because they were just too cute! I am taking these to my daughter's daycare tomorrow - I think the kids will love them!

What You Will Need: 

Pack of Nutter Butter Cookies
Almond Bark - White Chocolate
Chocolate Sprinkles
Wax Paper


Lay out your wax paper on the kitchen counter. Melt almond bark according to package directions (I recommend using a glass bowl for the almond bark). Once thoroughly melted, using tongs, dip each nutter butter cookie into the chocolate. one at a time. You will be shaking off the excess chocolate each time and once a thin coat of the chocolate is on the nutter butter, lay it down on the wax paper to dry and repeat each time until you are done. I placed one chocolate sprinkle per eye (while still wet). 

Let dry for about 20-30 minutes. 

Once dry you place them in cute cookie bags and tie with a cute bow or gift tag. What fun treat for kids!

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